Bring in Your Ideas, PeopleSoft is Listening!!

Have you ever wondered about the status of an Enhancement Request (ER) opened with Oracle’s PeopleSoft? Customers have wondered exactly that and they’ve provided feedback that they want to know what other customers have asked for.  Well, we have heard you loud and clear! Join us as we introduce ‘Ideas’ in your Community spaces. The My Oracle Support Community already allows for active collaboration between you, your peers, and Oracle PeopleSoft. Now, we have added the functionality to capture Ideas within the PeopleSoft Product Community Spaces. For the first time, you can have open discussion with other customers on key issues surrounding your business needs and impact and expectations for the applications with improvements for critical business flows. The voting mechanism allows for highly desirable ideas to bubble to the top and any active discussion could allow for greater expansion on the submitted Ideas. The more actively discussed ERs, those with the higher number of votes, will naturally receive more attention by community participants and PeopleSoft Strategy. We are actively monitoring the Idea Space on a regular basis as we determine the roadmap for PeopleSoft. For instance, we have selected some highly desirable Ideas from the PeopleSoft Billing and Accounts Receivables Idea Space and delivered the expansions to customers through the FSCM 9.2 Update Images. The list includes the following:

  • Ability to Turn off or Override Chartfield Inheritance in AR for Specific Tasks (e.g. Write Off's) - Delivered in Image 19
  • Improve AR Update – Delivered in Image19
  • Distribute Supporting Documents with Billing Invoices via Email - Delivered in image 20
  • Attachments Feature for Customer MICR & General Pages MICR Attachments - Delivered in image 21
  • Add (sub) totals in Entry Currency to AR Aging Reports – Delivered in image 21 
  • Delete Cancelled Bills - Planned for Future
  • Ability to Automatically Email Customer Statements to the Primary Contact - Planned for Future

What this means to you

  • You will have a direct path for submitting and sharing Ideas for enhancements to the PeopleSoft FSCM suite of products. 
  • Openly share workarounds or alternatives to the Ideas in order to facilitate your business flow.
  • Get insight to  all enhancements that have been submitted, along with the knowledge of their current status, votes, views, and discussions.
  • The ability to influence functionality and features you need in future PeopleSoft Update Images.