Configuring PeopleSoft to Meet Your Needs

Configuration has been a major area of investment for Peoplesoft lately.  We've added many new features in PeopleTools and Enterprise Components that enable you to configure your environment to meet your enterprise's unique requirements.  Configuration is a better option than customization because it makes changes easier and cheaper to manage.  You can take image updates from Oracle/Peoplesoft with much less impact and not have to worry about re-implementing your customizations.  Configuration also enables you to tailor the PeopleSoft user interface to align with your business.  It can also streamline navigation and make it easier for users to adopt the Fluid UI.  We've been presenting sessions at conferences and on webinars about configuration, and you'll see more information in the near future.  We've also created a page on that discusses configuration. 

Visit this page to learn more about all the different configuration features and how they can be used.  Read success stories to learn about how some customers are taking advantage of these configuration features.  This Key Concepts page will be the place to go as more information is added.