Great PeopleSoft sessions, discussions with customers and partners at SANGAM16 in Bangalore, India!

SANGAM is the largest independent Oracle users group conference in India, organized annually by AIOUG (All India Oracle User Group). SANGAM brings together partners and customers on the same platform and allows the PeopleSoft team to gain from participants their insights on delivered features, learn from their deployment experiences, and hear what they like the most about the product.

This year, SANGAM16 took place on November 11th and 12th in the city of Bangalore, India.

Key customer and partner names @ SANGAM16 for PeopleSoft track:

The PeopleSoft track started with a Product Line Update session by Vice President of PeopleSoft, Pramod Agrawal followed by a session on PeopleSoft Cloud Manager and subsequent sessions by subject matter experts in PeopleTools, HCM and FSCM.

Customers and partners who participated said they thoroughly appreciated the selection of the topics and were thrilled to know that PeopleSoft has so much more to offer. It was a packed event with more than 67 customers and partner attendees which is a 300% increase compared to participation in the last couple of years.

The PeopleSoft strategy and product management teams showcased the latest and greatest of the features delivered in recent PUM images (#18, #19). The session on PeopleSoft Cloud Manager kindled the excitement for the day as attendees wanted to learn about the capabilities of the soon to be released PeopleSoft Cloud Manager. Customers and partners particularly mentioned that they were anxious to know more about PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud and the event helped them gain relevant insights.

Subsequently, the sessions on Fluid Candidate Gateway, Self-service Analytics, PeopleSoft Talent Management, and File Integration Framework provided the customers a complete view of capabilities in PeopleSoft HCM for self-service, managers and administrator users.

The day continued with sessions by Global Payroll experts for the Element Browser and COBOL Tracing Tool capabilities. Attendees were delighted to know that PeopleSoft is not only investing in delivering new fluid features to meet Payroll Administrator functional requirements but is also delivering features to make day to day life easier for Payroll Administrators.

PeopleSoft Track Collage:

SANGAM16 also featured presentations from customers and partners which allowed the PeopleSoft community to learn from each other. Chris Couture from Ciber Inc. gave a session on ‘User-centric Design and PeopleSoft’.

During the event, PeopleSoft hosted a social media contest that included questions associated with sessions conducted on the event day.  Attentive attendees and those who were abreast of the latest in PeopleSoft took away goodies.

Few testimonials received from participants:

“Role playing a story from Fluid Candidate Gateway to Simplified Analytics and ending with File Integration Framework with Benefits as an example, gave us the whole perspective of the current fluid capabilities in store in PeopleSoft...”

-  Srikrishnan Balasubramanian - PeopleSoft Practice Lead HCM & Financials, UST Global

“Glad we got to meet at Sangam16. Great PeopleSoft sessions and useful discussions with Venkatesh and Srini Prabhakara on the PeopleTools upgrade to the latest version.”

-  Jayabalan Nandini - Lead Software Engineer, FTT-HR, Social &Legal Solutions, Franklin Templeton Investments

“It was great to be part of the event last week and I must congratulate you for carrying out such large scale event and packing it up with latest knowledge bytes.”

-  Rohit Gupta - Senior Manager - PeopleSoft System Accountants, Hays Recruiting Experts Worldwide

Many thanks to all the customers and partners who attended.

Remember you can follow the PeopleSoft HCM Product Strategy team @PeopleSoftHCM and find out more about what PeopleSoft is doing at

Article Co-author:  Venkatesh Kotikalapudi