Great PeopleSoft Sessions, Useful Discussions with Customers and Partners at SANGAM16 …

SANGAM is the largest independent OracleUser Group Conference in India, organized annually in November by AIOUG(All India Oracle User Group). SANGAM brings together partners andcustomers on the same platform. This allows the PeopleSoft team to gaininsights from the participants on delivered features and learn from theiradoption experiences, the day-to-day issues, challenges they face with thesystem, and what they like the most about the product.

For last two years, PeopleSoft has beenactively presenting at the event to maintain outreach activities in the area.This year, SANGAM16 took place on November 11th and 12thin Bangalore, India. PeopleSoft did their presentation on the second day of theevent.

The PeopleSoft track started with aProduct Line Update session by Vice President of PeopleSoft, Pramod Agrawal,followed by a session on PeopleSoft Cloud Manager and subsequent sessions bysubject matter experts in PeopleTools, HCM, and FSCM.

Customers and partners who participatedthoroughly appreciated the selection of topics and were thrilled to know thatPeopleSoft has so much more to offer. It was a packed event with more than 67customers and partner attendees, a 300% increase compared to participation the pasttwo years.

PeopleSoft strategy and product managementteams showcased the latest and greatest of the features delivered in the recentPUM images (Images 18 and 19) highlighting great collaborative efforts with customers.

The Demo session by Tadipatri Sudarshan onSupplier self-registration, Change Request, Supplier 360, and SimplifiedAnalytics for the Comprehensive Supplier Portal presented a robustdemonstration of the powerful release 9.2 features. Attendees mentioned thatthere is so much that PeopleSoft FSCM is delivering which customers haven’texplored. Participants also requested post-conference sessions and webinars tounderstand how they can leverage these extensive features in theirorganizations.

The sessions on Fluid Payment Request bySriram Sadagopan covered a live demo of the fluid payment request. The sessioncovered the setup required and the creation of a fluid payment request usingthe guided activity framework.

The sessions on Fluid Expenses by VishalKhanna covered a live system demo using the Fluid interface showing how theexpense report can be entered using small form factors. The presentationcovered the Fluid interface, the latest developments in Image 19, and theroadmap ahead. Customers also expressed specific interest in the upcoming feature,‘Upload Your Receipts via Text Message’ (part of expenses) during the session.

FSCM customers also spent a lot of timediscussing what PeopleSoft has planned for implementing changes required forsupporting GST India requirements. Notably, the attendees discussed with thePeopleSoft FSCM Strategy team involving them in making any product designdecisions.

SANGAM16 also had presenters fromcustomers and partners this year. These presentations were attended by allcustomers and other partners and allowed the PeopleSoft community to learn fromeach other. Chris Couture (a repeat speaker at SANGAM for PeopleSoft) fromCiber Inc. gave a session on ‘User-centric Design and PeopleSoft’. Similarly,Manoj Kumar Modi and the team from Cognizant Technology Solutions presentedinteresting financial domain knowledge topics like ‘GPC Integration for HigherEducation Benefits Realization and Approach’ and ‘New Revenue AccountingStandards and it impact on ERP systems’.

Apart from the event, PeopleSoft also had anextremely engaging social media contest during the event where manyparticipants participated and won prizes. The contest included questionsassociated with sessions conducted on the event day and the most attentiveattendees and those who are abreast of the latest in PeopleSoft took awaygoodies.