Happy Holidays: PeopleSoft Looks Back on 2017 and Looks Forward to 2018

I love this time of year.  The sights and sounds of the holidays.  The changing of the seasons (yes the seasons change here in California).  The end of one year and the beginning of the next.  It’s a time of year to reflect on what has been accomplished; what is next, what we are thankful for.

I am thankful for being a small part of this amazing PeopleSoft team at Oracle.  From the developers and Quality Assurance engineers to the product strategists and management team as well as everyone in between, they are all a pleasure to work with.  Everyone on the team is customer focused and strives to ensure customer success.  I am also thankful for the customers and partners I’ve had the opportunity to work with.  Sure not every single engagement is sunshine and rainbows but there is always a sense of collaboration and camaraderie.

There are so many accomplishments in 2017 to reflect on.  200+ new features delivered across 23 Update Images and 1 PeopleTools release (8.56 in June of 2017).  Too many new features to discuss at length here, but that is what the Cumulative Feature Overview tool and the 100+ videos added to the PeopleSoft YouTube channel in 2017 are for.  My personal favorite video this year was my PeopleSoft Talk with Paco Aubrejuan (PeopleSoft Talk with Marc Weintraub: Update and Investment Strategy featuring Paco Aubrejuan).  That one is always so much fun to record and has so much useful information in it.  40+ blog postings on the PeopleSoft Apps Strategy blog.  Countless postings on our various social media channels including: Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  175+ Oracle led sessions for PeopleSoft were delivered by the team at 10+ events over the course of 2017.  This was accomplished at in-person events like Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, CA and the Quest Users Group’s deep-dive PeopleSoft Reconnect in Rosemont, IL.  But also via virtual events like Quest Experience Week PeopleSoft Day and Quest PeopleSoft International Days.  Between these events, the numerous other events (for example HEUG’s Alliance, HIUG’s Interact, regional user group meetings, and so on), and one-on-one customer meetings the PeopleSoft team really put some miles on in 2017.  A highlight for me in 2017 was delivering the keynote for PeopleSoft at New England Joint Oracle User Group meeting held at Gillette Stadium – home of my favorite NFL team, the New England Patriots.

(great view from my keynote presentation room)

Customers were a big part of 2017.  Because of the critical importance the PeopleSoft community plays in the long term viability of PeopleSoft, focusing on customer success stories and recognizing customer achievements were major activities of 2017.  The Quest Users Group curated 19 Customer Success Stories for PeopleSoft.  Oracle launched the PeopleSoft Innovators program and accepted 17 nominations in just the first month.  Both of these programs highlight and recognize the amazing work our customers are putting forth in order to leverage "Today’s PeopleSoft" and drive value within their organization.

I have little doubt that 2018 will be as active as 2017, if not more so.  Hundreds more new features are planned for delivery in 2018 via the quarterly delivered PeopleSoft Update Images.  The PeopleSoft Planned Features and Enhancements page on My Oracle Support documents the near term PeopleSoft roadmap.  2018 will be full of events featuring PeopleSoft content including:

Here is to an amazing 2017 and an even better 2018.  Thank you for being part of the PeopleSoft community.  Have yourself a wonderful holiday season.