Have You Leveraged the Power of PeopleSoft Fluid Mobile Inventory?

PeopleSoft has significantly improved its offering to the Mobile Inventory Management product by delivering more a complete Fluid solution with additional capabilities not present in the earlier versions. Now users can do more transactions using their handheld devices at the point of use. If you haven’t considered a license for Mobile Inventory as yet, we hope this blog helps to see how you could gain more efficiency and productivity for your Inventory users.

With the fully functional Fluid Mobile Transactions Warehouse Staff now can do many Inventory transactions by using their hand held devices without being tied to a desk or workstation. The Fluid Mobile Inventory transactions currently available are:

  • Adjustments
  • Bin to Bin transfers
  • Delivery
  • Delivery Cart
  • Fulfillment Inquiry
  • Item Stock Inquiry
  • Manual Count
  • Put away 
  • Receiving a PO
  • Picking Feedback
  • Xpress Issue
  • Adhoc Receipt
  • Guided Count
  • Count by Location
  • Count by Item
  • Par Count Ad-hoc
  • Par Count

These day-to-day transactions may consume a significant amount of time and effort of the warehouse staff. Adopting to mobile transactions could increase productivity and a decrease in errors by enabling scanning as opposed to manual data entry

PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management is written using PeopleTools and uses the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface. Since Mobile Inventory is written in PeopleTools, it is flexible so that you can add or change the user interface (UI) that appears on the mobile screen. Also, the use of PeopleTools allows Organizations to customize existing mobile transactions or create new capabilities that are necessary to their business.

By Enabling Mobile Inventory Management organizations could increase their staff productivity. The use of mobile devices results in,

  • Data accuracy
  • Mobility and convenience
  • Streamlines movement, counts, and inquiries while reducing human errors.
  • Real Time Data validation
  • Use of Barcode scanners to speed up the process and also reduces data errors.

You can run PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory Management in real-time connected mode on any rugged mobile device that uses Android with the Chrome browser, or Apple iOS operating systems. Manufacturers of such devices, such as Motorola/Symbol, Honeywell, and Intermec, support the most popular data collection devices used in warehouse environments. You could get more details on how to implement PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory in the PeopleBooks!

Mobile Inventory Management Overview

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