OHUG 2018

Last week I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the Oracle HR User Group (OHUG) conference for the 9th consecutive year.  I was also joined by Jeremy Pelley and Rick Delaney who are PeopleSoft Product Management Directors on my team.

As with all the conferences we have experienced thus far this year, customers at OHUG were excited about many of the new initiatives we have slated to deliver over the next 12 to 18 months.  The biggest areas of interest were the new PeopleSoft Day One Onboarding and Payroll for North America Component Lockdown features which are available today for customers.  The PeopleSoft Benefits Fluid Open Enrollment feature is highly anticipated which will give customers a completely new, modern, Fluid-based user experience for your employees enrolling in U.S. Benefits.

We had meaningful conversations with many PeopleSoft customers including Entergy, Anthem Health, Charter Communications, Harvard University, Parkland Hospital, Federal Reserve Bank, Collin County TX, Nashville Electric Service, University of St. Thomas, among many others.  OHUG typically attracts HR and HRIT professionals from a wide variety of industries which makes the conference unique and so fun to attend.  Many OHUG customers told us that they are planning their Fluid deployments for later this year which will augment our estimated 50%+ customer base that is currently running Fluid in their production environment.

We presented on a variety of topics in sessions that were well attended, including PeopleSoft HCM roadmap, Core HR roadmap, Talent Management roadmap, Day One Onboarding, Benefits, Payroll, and Regulatory and Legislative updates. 

See below for some pictures from the event.

OHUG Board of Directors prior to the Keynote


Me and the OHUG Board Treasurer Tim Stofka (thanks Tim for the great introduction) PeopleSoft customers at our Meet the Experts session.  Great questions and conversation.

Cara Capretta, Vice President of Oracle's HCM Transformation Practice delivered a fun keynote in which she drilled into what today's "digital" workforce expects from employers.  One key takeaway for me was how the more employee performance management changes, the more it stays the same.  Organizations still struggle with how to best assess the performance and productivity of employees.  Many PeopleSoft customers run ePerformance which was enhanced with the baseline 9.2 release before Fluid.  We are looking into how we can improve on the PeopleSoft ePerformance application to streamline the entire performance review process leveraging Fluid and new usability concepts like frequent, brief performance updates throughout the year via email or notes. 

Cara also mentioned how organizations still under utilize profile management across all industries to understand the talent they already employ.  Our team has been working through the challenge to make PeopleSoft Profile Management more modern, accessible, efficient, and helpful for customers to mine employee data to better match internal employees to projects and job openings. 

More to come on these topic areas which you can track on PeopleSoft Information portal under our Planned Features and Enhancements page.  You can also let us know through the PeopleSoft Ideas Space what your thoughts are on improving ePerformance or Profile Management.  You can access the Ideas Space via the PeopleSoft Information portal.

The OHUG board announced that OHUG 2019 will take place in Ft. Worth, Texas.  Thank you to all the PeopleSoft customers who attended OHUG and all of our conferences throughout the year.  We appreciate the support and each and every opportunity to talk to you.