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The Public Supplier Portal

Many organizations wish to provide access for their Suppliers using a Portal that is accessible from their company website. The Portal provides information to the public on how to do business with the organization and can expose information suitable for viewing by users who do not have a login and password.

The PeopleSoft Fluid Supplier Portal can provide organizations the ability to provide an easy-to-use and simplified familiar tile-based navigation for both “Guest” and “Credentialed” users.The “Guest” user access is usually accessed from a Procurement Organization’s website. We call this the “Public Portal Page” and it offers access to information on how to do business with the organization, public Bidding Opportunities, Registration Options, Announcements, an Event Calendar, and more 

When you click the Welcome tile, a page is opened that greets Guest users and provides information on the Procurement Organization’s business goals, culture, and how prospective Suppliers may apply to become part of their Supplier population.

Each Homepage Tile displays information that will enable a non-PeopleSoft User to quickly find the information they may need to apply for Supplier or Bidder status or view any Public Bidding Opportunities. An intuitive and familiar user experience, similar to what anyone may see on their own personal devices, allows access to information by simply tapping on the Tile. For instance, Registration Options are presented with an explanation of what is required to complete the Registration form.

Here’s what a user will see after clicking on the Registration tile. 

Registration choices are available for the users to register as a Bidder or Supplier. The registration process requires users to enter their company details and tax identification details. The Public portal allows users to bid for an event even before becoming a supplier which helps the Buying organization receive quotes from many new players in the market.

Here’s what a user will see after clicking on the Event Calendar.

The Event Calendar will present important events targeted to the Public, or by using a flag on the event you can restrict the display so that certain events are only seen by credentialed suppliers who have been approved by the Procurement Organization.

With the Supplier Portal, Procurement Organizations are able to reach a larger number of prospective Suppliers at very low cost with electronic media and web access, freeing up their internal resources for value added tasks.

Once a potential Supplier registers on the portal, and has their application approved, they become a credentialed user and are given a secure login.

The Secure Supplier Portal

As mentioned earlier, the credentialed user access is accessible after a user submits a Supplier or Bidder registration request, and once approved, allows suppliers to view their business with the Procurement Organization hosting the Supplier Portal. This user accesses the Supplier Secure Home Page on the Supplier Portal.

On successful login, the user enters the Supplier Secure Homepage where Suppliers may transact self-service collaborative business activities. This page presents Bidding Opportunities, metrics on performance such as Unacknowledged PO’s and Overdue Shipments, the ability to manage their Company or User Profile, and much more.

Here’s what a Supplier or Bidder will see after clicking on the Bidding Opportunities Tile.

After accessing the Bidding Opportunities Tile, not only will it show the Public Bidding Events, but also the Bidding Events where the Supplier was sent an invitation to participate.

A Supplier would be able to view Bidding Events for which they are invited as well as any Public Bidding Events.

Event details opens up all required information for the supplier to respond directly from this page.

For Suppliers contemplating doing business with a Procurement Organization, the Public and Secure Portal Homepages provides easy access even for users who are not familiar with the PeopleSoft user experience and terminology. The Homepage provides a familiar navigation to all aspects of the business a Procurement Organization wishes to expose to their Suppliers. Secure access to only the Supplier’s Business with the Procurement organization supports self-service collaboration that will free valuable internal resources for value-added activities.