Long Term Investment and Support for PeopleSoft “Through At Least” 2030

Executive Summary:

  • Oracle has no plans to end PeopleSoft investment or support
  • Premier Support for PeopleSoft extended “through at least” December 2030
  • Annual one year extensions provide a rolling 10+ years of support for PeopleSoft

At least a decade of Premier Support for Oracle’s PeopleSoft Continuous Innovation Releases

Oracle has demonstrated its commitment to its PeopleSoft customers by being a trusted business partner with a proven track record of doing what is best for them.  For over a dozen years, Oracle has served its PeopleSoft customers by enhancing their existing PeopleSoft solutions with ongoing investment and innovations while also protecting their existing PeopleSoft solutions with industry leading Oracle Lifetime Support policies.  Oracle is staunchly committed to the long-term investment in and support of PeopleSoft and its other Applications Unlimited products.  Under this commitment, Oracle regularly evaluates its support policies; adjusting them to better serve its customers. 

One adjustment to the Oracle Lifetime Support policy is in reality is not an adjustment at all.  Oracle has always maintained that there are no plans to end support for PeopleSoft.  The updated Oracle Lifetime Support policy now clearly states this.  Hand-in-hand with no plans to end support for PeopleSoft is Oracle’s commitment to innovation and ongoing investment in PeopleSoft.  Oracle has a history of delivering innovation within PeopleSoft.  From the modern, intuitive user experience and embedded, actionable analytics to automated, agile deployment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and customer driven Selective Adoption, Oracle has been innovating PeopleSoft for many years.

Oracle understands that your PeopleSoft applications are important to your organization and key to your past, present, and future success.  Oracle is committed to your success and that commitment extends to your PeopleSoft applications.  Oracle has also adjusted the Oracle Lifetime Support policy and intends to provide Premier Support “through at least” December 2030 for its PeopleSoft Continuous Innovation Releases.  PeopleSoft applications (CRM, CS, ELM, FMS, ESA, SCM and HCM) moved to a Continuous Innovation model with the initial delivery of the 9.2 release in March of 2013.  With this model all new functionality is delivered as updates to the existing release; upgrades are not required to gain access to new features and capabilities.  All fixes and updates are cumulative and available to all currently supported customers in the most current update (i.e. release).

Further adjustments to the Oracle Lifetime Support policy include Oracle’s plan to review and update this policy on an annual basis.  Beginning in calendar year 2019, Oracle intends on extending the currently stated Premier Support “through at least” date by one year and to repeat this annually.  These annual, one-year incremental extensions to PeopleSoft are planned to continue until further notice from Oracle.  This creates a rolling window of 10+ years of Premier Support for the PeopleSoft Continuous Innovation Releases.

These support policy changes enable customers to confidently maximize and expand their existing PeopleSoft and Oracle investments.  With Oracle’s commitment to long term investment in and support of PeopleSoft, customers will have ample time to plan their journey to the cloud, making it a journey based on their needs and their timing.  Even more so now, Oracle Lifetime Support provides a stable and predictable long-term support policy that provides unique benefits to PeopleSoft customers.  Only with Oracle Lifetime Support can customers get the most comprehensive support for their PeopleSoft solutions and access to the latest innovations being delivered for PeopleSoft, along with the robust security updates customers need to protect their organization from the newest vulnerabilities and security threats.

The Value of Oracle Support for PeopleSoft

Extending the Premier Support “through at least” December 2030 and employing a “rolling” 10+ years of Premier Support for PeopleSoft further demonstrates Oracle’s commitment PeopleSoft and doing what is best for PeopleSoft customers.  To learn more see The Value of Oracle Support for PeopleSoft video and for all things PeopleSoft visit the PeopleSoft Information Portal.