PeopleSoft Applications Update – 55 Features, 2 New Links, and You!

To state the obvious, one of the great things about continuous delivery is that there’s always new functionality coming out.  In the past, we had to wait years to announce the delivery of new features in a release.  Customers had to wait even longer to upgrade, adopt, and use the features.  Not anymore.

What’s New?

Just in the first 5 months of this year, we shipped 6 images, containing more than 55 new features.  Some of the most exciting include:

  • Enhancements to our highest profile Fluid UI capabilities in HCM, including the ability to clone a position through Guided Self Service, enhancements to Candidate Gateway, and more tabs, tiles, and configuration capabilities for Employee Snapshot. 
  • Improved integration, such as between Time and Labor and Absence Management; improved operational tools, such as the GP Core Cobol Trace Tool, and improvements that were prioritized directly by customers, such as enhancements to ePerformance.
  • Great new Fluid UI capabilities for Financials and Supplier Relationship Management, including the new Fluid ‘My Work’ Workcenters for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, the Supplier Portal for public access which extends the intuitive Fluid experience beyond the four walls of our customers and out to their suppliers, and customer requested enhancements to the highly popular Fluid Expenses.
  • Powerful new frameworks that extend and increase the value of the individual application features, including the Configurable Analysis Framework (HCM), Fluid Forms and Approval Builder (ELM, CRM), and the new Common Discussion Framework (FSCM).

And that's just scratching the surface.  Visit the Cumulative Feature Overview Tool ( for the full list of what’s available now, and the Planned Features and Enhancements page on My Oracle Support (doc id 1966243.2) to see what we plan to deliver next.  There are some very exciting features in the works…from Employee Onboarding in HCM to Fluid eBill Payment in Financials and Supplier Scorecarding in Supplier Relationship Management. 

What’s Available In Fluid?

Customers know they can get the full list of delivered features from the Cumulative Feature Overview Tool, but one of the common questions we get is ‘Where can I see everything that is available in Fluid?’  There is now a great resource to answer that exact question.  From the Fluid User Interface Concept Page on the PeopleSoft information portal (, there are links to two new documentation resources.  Bookmark these, we’ll update them with every Update Image, so they always provide a current list.

What Do You Think?

Lots of customers are now interacting with us through the Idea Spaces in My Oracle Support.  We have more than 1,000 ideas and more than 7,300 participants.  Join the discussion, vote, share your use cases, and weigh in on what you’d like us to work on next.  We’ve already delivered more than 50 features that either came from the Idea Spaces or were voted to the top of the list, in just the 15 months since we started using this new platform.  Get engaged, your idea could be the next one we put on the roadmap!