PeopleTools Idea Pages

We're doing a lot to enhance PeopleTools, and we have many avenues for gathering requirements: focus groups, conferences, research, advisory boards, and so on.  One area that we would like to promote particularly is the PeopleSoft Idea pages.  There is an idea page for PeopleTools specifically.  We are monitoring these pages regularly, so if you have suggestions for enhancements regardless of size or complexity, please feel free to submit them here.  This is your chance to guide us in the direction of PeopleSoft technology.  In addition to submitting your own ideas, you can vote on the suggestions of others to give them more weight.  Take a look at these pages and submit your ideas and suggestions.  This area is really for ideas about any area of PeopleSoft technology, so if you have ideas about areas beyond PeopleTools--like Enterprise Components or the Interaction Hub, you can submit them here as well.