Planning to Deploy Elasticsearch with PeopleSoft between now and Early 2018?

If you are planning to deploy Elasticsearch by the end of this year or early next year, we suggest going to PeopleTools 8.55.19.  This PeopleTools patch is planned for availability in mid-October, and it contains many fixes and improvements.  Similarly, if you are moving to PeopleTools 8.56, we recommend going to the 8.56.04 patch, which contains the same fixes, and is planned for the same availability.  As PeopleSoft customers have deployed Elasticsearch over the past several months, we have modified some of the ways we handle certain functions architecturally and have fixed several issues that customers reported.  These patch levels contain all the fixes and changes that we have made to date.  If you are already live on Elasticsearch or are in the process of going live and can’t wait until 8.55.19, contact Oracle Support for assistance if you experience any issues.