The Collaborate 2017 Experience

This week, I participated in one of my favorite Oracle user group events, Collaborate2017, in Las Vegas NV. The tagline for this event is “Where Oracle business application users and decision makers conquer challenges together” which quite accurately reflects why I enjoy presenting to this community, it allows me to engage with the varied Oracle user community at large, and witness first-hand the positive energy around all-things Oracle.

This year’s event consisted of 1,250 education session which included 160+ PeopleSoft education sessions with 40 sessions directly from the Oracle PeopleSoft team. We presented to attendees from all 50 states and 22 countries, across all industry verticals, a total of 4,200+ participants.

Paco Aubrejuan kicked off the week featuring today’s PeopleSoft as intuitive, powerful and on the cloud. The three takeaways for this standing-room-only keynote are as follows:

  • The PeopleSoft team has been very busy modernizing the application and user experience
  • The majority of our customers are migrating onto our single codeline and taking advantage of selective adoption
  • Deploying PeopleSoft to the Oracle Cloud improves business agility, business continuity and lowers costs/risks

Rebekah Jackson (VP Product Strategy) subsequently delivered the applications road map and investment update, where she was presented with the well-deserved Distinguish Service Award for promoting and supporting our PeopleSoft community in partnership with Quest . I had the pleasure of sitting with Carole Owens, Executive Director Supply Chain Shared Services/ERP, Adventist Health System who shared with me the following “As a member of the Oracle Customer Advisory Board, I make it a priority for myself and my team to regularly participate in user group conferences like COLLABORATE. Not only is it an opportunity for us to network with other users who are working through the same challenges and opportunities as us, it gives us a chance to understand the available solutions that we can leverage going forward in our business to make things more intuitive for employees across our system. For example, today we are working to implement the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface, and conferences like COLLABORATE give us an opportunity to see that interface in action and make informed decisions about which objects will benefit our employees the most. Hearing from others in our own and varying industries allows us to make the best investments for our organization. “

What a great way to launch the Collaborate2017 week!

Due to the varied nature of the Collaborate participants, conversations before, during and after the sessions force us strategists to really stretch our comfort zone. We are all tenured PeopleSoft professionals, and engaging with the like-minded is fun and easy, right? We welcome the Collaborate participants to inject fresh perspectives and new challenges, necessary to allow us to continue to thrive in this vibrant Oracle ecosystem. Nowhere is that more evident than the Exhibit Hall. Engaging 1:1 at the PeopleSoft demogrounds allowed me to hear firsthand how our customers are optimizing their investments in PeopleSoft, and quite frankly, interested in continuing to support this investment strategy by way of additional licenses. We now have a dedicated PeopleSoft Digital Sales organization, and all customers are encouraged to reach out and (re)introduce themselves via

The rest of the week was a blur of road map presentations, tips-n-tricks sessions, open panel discussions, and informal gatherings. Given the geographical dispersion of the Oracle employee community, the camaraderie amongst us really comes to life at an in-person event like Collaborate2017. It’s not our customers job to fully understand the internal organization and workings of Product Strategy, that’s our job, and we’re only too willing to jump into semi-processed conversations and finish eachother’s discussions, whether they originated in payroll and ended up in treasury, or whether it was to listen to a reverse-engineered flow starting in projects and ending in procurement. We’re all here for you, and working together is what we’re best at.

Until we re-engage with you at ReConnect2017 (Rosemont IL, July 18-20 2017), OOW2017 (San Francisco CA, Oct 1-5 2017 ) or Collaborate2018 (Las Vegas NV, Apr 22-26 2018), keep us close to you and your PeopleSoft investments by way of Community Spaces, Quest webinars, special interest groups, email, phone call, stay in touch!