What is the Status of the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub?

As many of you may have heard, PeopleSoft has moved several functional capabilities from the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub (formerly the PeopleSoft Portal) to PeopleTools.  Why did we do this?  We wanted to make clustering available to many more customers.  Clustering enables two or more PeopleSoft applications to behave like a seamless system without noticeable boundaries between applications.  We did a webinar on this subject recently.  Clustering formerly required the Interaction Hub, but now when you move to PeopleTools 8.56, you can achieve clustering without the Hub.  There are many customers that could benefit from clustering their PeopleSoft applications, but don’t want the overhead, system complexity, or additional expense of deploying the Hub.  Some simply don’t want to deploy a web site.

That’s great, but what does that mean for customers who have the Hub?  First of all, nothing is taken away.  If you have deployed the Hub and are successful and your users are happy, you can continue to use it.  We will continue to support it.   Customers that still want to deploy a PeopleSoft–centric web site experience for their users may want to continue to use the Hub.  You can also use the Hub with PeopleSoft Fluid applications.  In fact, if you are using the Hub you should be deploying Fluid applications with it.

Our focus on Fluid as the current and future PeopleSoft user interface, means, however, that we don’t have plans to enhance the Interaction Hub further.  Enhancements to clustering and common capabilities used across applications will be made directly in PeopleTools so all customers can benefit from them.