PeopleSoft HRMS 8.9 Company Acquisition Conversion

Southern Consulting assisted a large manufacturing company with the integration of an additional company into HRMS 8.9

  • Assisted client with Employee integration from a company acquisition
  • Developed SQR processes for formatting and validating Employee information
  • Provided custom run control pages for developed processes
  • Processes included reporting for errors and row counts used for balancing
  • Produced Excel/HTML report from SQR used to manually update certain Employee’s
  • Updated Crystal Reports to support client requirements
  • Developed custom Outbound/Inbound Interface for 3rd Party 401k Provider
  • Outbound Interface included information for Employees and Payroll data
  • Inbound Interface included transactions for Enrollments, Rate Changes, Suspensions, Loan Disbursements, and Loan Payoffs
  • Both inbound and outbound interface included reporting for errors and row counts used for balancing
  • Produced Excel spreadsheet used for parsing and viewing inbound and outbound files
  • Developed Application Engine utilizing Component Interface for a Paygroup conversion
  • Updated existing processes using Application Engine and Component Interface to correct errors in loading of new Employee’s.
  • Developed Outbound 3rd party interface for Disability insurance management.
  • Customized existing processes to allow 3rd party Time and Attendance entry system to cross charge across different GL Business Units.  Created Crystal Report to show the data and updated custom GL Journal Generator to produce the proper journals.